Adding an Entry

To add an entry to the blacklist, you must have the appropriate roles. If you do not and you think that you should, please contact your diplomat.
To add an entry, click on the "Add to Blacklist" tab in the navigation. After, fill in all of the fields. The Alias field is simply a field that will be used to tie characters together and nothing more. This can be a name, an email, or even an IP.
The next field, Characters, is where you enter in the character(s) that will be added. You can enter a comma seperated list of characters that will all be added with the same alias/reason. After entering the character(s), enter a reason for their addition to the blacklist.
You may also choose whether you are blacklisting a specific character, or corporation. If you wish to blacklist a corporation, change the "Type" dropdown to corporation and enter the EXACT corporation name in the "Characters" field.
NOTE: All entries must be approved by a member of CD before they will show on the list.

Searching the Blacklist

The search function is very simple; Enter your criteria into the search box and press "Search". The search will look for Alias, then Character name, then Corporation name, and, finally, Alliance name. Once a match is found, all entries sharing the alias of the match will be returned.

Using the Bot

In the imperial_blacklist channel you will find a bot. You can look up the status of a character by typing "rc cbl" and then the character name. For example, "rc cbl kilgarth" would perform a lookup on the character "kilgarth" and return any information. If there are no results found, you will get a response stating such.
If a result IS found, you will get information on whether they are on the list, what their status is (Blacklisted, Watchlisted, Cleared), when they were entered, and who entered it. Any notes will NOT be displayed in the output from the bot, for this information you will need to look up the user on the website.

Viewing an Entry

The main page will show you basic information on an entry in the blacklist. To see a more detailed report, click on the "View Details" button to the left of the desired entry. This will bring up a window that will show you all of the notes associated with the entry, as well as the employment history of the character.
To see the employment history, click the button labeled "Employment History" and wait a few moments as the history is pulled from the API.

New Users

If you are new to Region Commander, please go to this page to register an account.
After you have created an account, please contact your alliance leadership for the appropriate roles you require.

If there is a topic that you need further assistance with, please submit a ticket.

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